American Breakfast

Good morning America!

My first weekend in Seattle was celebrated in style with a rather heavy brunch at Queen Anne’s Five Spot.

Kathryn’s Grand Slam at Five Spot. Loaded with calories but yummy!!

Today, four weeks down in this new city I have moved into a cosy little apartment at Lower Queen Anne. Decided to stay at home and cook some ‘Extra Fluffly’ pancakes. I shouldn’t be very proud of this moment as it was one of the ‘Just add water’ pancake mixes off the supermarket shelves. But it was brilliant. Perfect some maple syrup and eggs.

Trying to flip a pancake like they do in the movies, I officially welcomed myself to the land of pancakes and maple syrup!
Working for feels like an achievement of sorts. The headquarters is by the beautiful lake and is dotted with local coffee shops. I am in love with the one around my office building’s corner called Uptown Espresso.

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