Traditional fare

Cooking Mangalorean food is something I really enjoy. The gassis, upukaris, kodhel etc. My mum is definitely the world’s best cook and I have learnt most of the dishes I know from her. Especially traditional food. She would make efforts to make each meal we have had as special and yummy as possible.

I have always wanted to blog her recipes and some of my variations as well. Never managed to do that though. I get bored typing ingredients. I never use measurements. So taking the pains to measure each ingredient was just not my cup of tea. So kudos for blogger friends like Niti Patel, Gayatri Rao and those hundred thousands who take the pain to post recipes.

Moode is idli steamed in Kedige leaves.
I found this recipe on no other blog. Thanks Charisma 🙂 
I stumbled upon this blog called Cherie’s Stolen recipes one day when I couldn’t remember a specific ingredient for a recipe. And with the problem of time-zones between Seattle and India I had to google the recipe. And there it was the recipe of Mangalore Buns (I know funny name 😉 ) using exactly the same ingredients that my mom does. And as I further explored her blog, I discovered more and more recipes that all seemed to come out of my mom’s own kitchen. It was a great feeling. Someone out there is doing a brilliant job.  I give the author Charisma a bow for the amount of effort she takes to write Kudla recipes. A combination of her and my mom provide me enough knowledge to preserve my traditional cuisine.
Yena kudla da ooru ge.. baari shoku da ooru ge.. ♪
Thanks Cherie!

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