Diwali preparation of the day – Poha Chivda

The second family favourite is Mum’s Chivda recipe. It is not the usual Diwali Pohe Chivda. I haven’t actually seen this version outside her kitchen. Might be a Konkani method. Although we are Tulu Mangloreans my maternal family recipes have lot of Konkani influences. I guess it is because Mum grew up in the Pais Gardens neighbourhood of Bejai in Mangalore which was predominately a Konkani family area then.

Anyway, the secret is to add chilli powder, turmeric, kala namak and powdered sugar to warm batches of deep-fried thick poha (beaten rice). It’s all about timing and organization (two things I so lack!).

Like poppadoms, poha takes seconds to fluff up in hot oil. You then strain off the oil, put it in a large bowl and mix in the powdered ingredients really quick. Doing it in small batches helps the poha to fry evenly and also lets you adjust the spices and sugar according to your taste.

You finish the mixture with roasted nuts (especially peanuts, cashewnuts and jumbo black raisins), fried curry leaves and any favourite add-ons you like in your chivda.

Enjoy with hot kadak chai and other mithai on Diwali 🙂

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