Diwali preparation of the day – Burfi

Burfi by Parinita

Burfi, a photo by Parinita on Flickr.

Simple ‘Milkmaid’ recipe makes delicious chunks of chocolate burfi. The nuts and ghee give them the desi flavor. This is the first year I have made this. It is dedicated to the newest member of my family. My nephew Daivik. I am sure when he can start eating solid foods he will love these burfis.

This sweet balances the platter filled with namkeen and fried goodies. And is one thing you can never go wrong with. Everyone loves chocolate!

Cooking with chocolate is so much fun. I love it at the goeey liquid stage when spoonfuls keep finding its way to my mouth!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Akshata says:

    The burfi looks yummy… I am sure Daivik will love them when he grows up…

  2. DELISH! You are multi-talented missy:)

  3. Parinita says:

    Thank you Akki and Gayu… multi-talented haan?.. not as much as u super missy

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