Diwali preparation of the day – Chakli

Chaklis have some fond memories associated to them. It was the only time or rather the only day Papa would enter the kitchen to help mom. It was a combined effort. Dad piping the chaklis, me cutting around 5″ x 7″rectangles of the economic times newspaper which was used to pipe the chaklis on. Then Akki would pass it to Mom who would fry them. It was the most wonderful family time we had. Once in a year, every year.

My parents recipe used rice flour and coconut oil, which made yummy chaklis but it is very tedious process and needs lots of strength especially to pipe them. So I have used an all purpose flour recipe which makes an easier-to-handle dough and is manageable to do alone. Parchment paper has replaced newspapers, the rest is the same.

I added some chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder, ajwain and sesame seeds into the flour and kneaded it with cooked yellow mung dal. Piped and then fried on medium flame. Yummy!

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  1. Akshata says:

    They look perfect… Really nostalgic on our childhood memories of preparing chaklis!!

    1. Thank you Akkiviii 😀

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