Homemade Pav

The Brun-Maska nostalgia drove me to finally try the long due homemade pav recipe. I remember when Cherie posted the recipe in her blog, I was super-excited to see the spongy beauties baked like a pro! This bread is readily available in India, but I still haven’t discovered it in supermarkets here or in the UK. There are an array of choices in the bread aisle, but the good ol’ pav is never around. So the pav-bhajis, pakoras and batata vadas end up in their English, American or French counterparts. The ingredients are almost the same, but I am not sure what gives this bread its unique taste.

Anyway, I got to business. Those who saw my Facebook update would know I was in a rather whimsical mood today discovering Mohit Chauhan’s MTV Unplugged episode on YouTube. Singing along, I kneaded the dough which was spongy with the active yeast.

Although I made slightly larger ones, the end result was almost perfect! The taste was just like the ones we get back home.

I will try a half-whole-wheat/half-plain flour recipe for a slightly healthier version next time. Today I have made some yummy Kori-gassi (Mangalorean Chicken curry) which was one of the numerous Sunday special combinations from Mum’s kitchen. I love a chilled beer on the side to complete this meal. Even though it is freezing outside it is never too cold for a beer.

Go on and try this simple recipe. Baking is so much fun!

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