Beat Coffee

Coffee by Parinita

Coffee, a photo by Parinita on Flickr.

I was out of our regular coffee at home. Rummaging through the pantry I found a packet of ‘Bru’ instant coffee. Mum had lovingly put it in my bag when we were returning back from India last April, as she knows how much I love it.

In India, Bru and Nescafe Sunrise were my favorite instant coffee powders. I think every South Indian has one of the two in their homes. It is the perfect accompaniment for dosas and idlis.

But today’s post is not about a regular cup of Bru coffee. It is called ‘Beat’ coffee. This was introduced to me by my college friend Shikha. She lives in a beautiful house in Panvel, complete with a garden and a cat. Her warm and loving parents always welcomed me as their daughter. Panvel was quite far from our Dockyard Road home. So I’d usually stay back for the night. Aunty pampered me with lots of punju food. Aloo or Mooli Parathas, Rajma Chawal, Aloo Gobi and loads more.

Shikha and I used to chit-chat all night long. Sometimes till 4:00am. To keep awake with a tummy full of food was difficult. So we’d make this coffee.

We would add coffee powder, sugar and around two tablespoons of warm milk to two mugs. Then we would head to her terrace and sit there and ‘beat’ each of our mugs with a spoon. Chatting away after around 20 minutes, it would turn into a thick creamy, frothy paste. Once the consistency was right, we used to head down to the kitchen and stir in some hot milk. It was divine! Almost Cappuccino-ish. It is fun making this with girlfriends.

This post is for you Shikha. Whenever I make this, I think of you and some of the wonderful times spent together.

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  1. Ramya Mahesh says:

    Nice 🙂 I remember you had made this when I had come to Currie House for an overnite too. It was awesome. For some reason I always thought it was “Beet” coffee. Silly me. Now I know the significance of the name 🙂

  2. Parinita says:

    🙂 Beet Coffee can be interesting to. Adding pink to your coffee.

  3. nice story Pari, keep em coming. 🙂

  4. Charishma says:

    I have a memory abt bru coffee Parinita…would like to share it with you..we have a family coffee estate in our coffee beans comes from there…we get it roasted and powdered..and make filter coffee….in Bangalore we are know to the neighbors as the coffee estate people..One day my neighbors granny passed away..she was 90…and their whole family was awake the whole night…they were so tired…one neighbor was sweet enough to make tea for the entire family (abt 40 members)…the tea turned out to be really bad…so my mom decided to send them coffee….they loved it so much and they all were happy to having amazing strong hot coffee in the morning…and I could here them say 'after all the coffee is from chikmagalur ,from their coffee estate'…..little did these people know that we had run out of coffee decoction and mom had sent me to the nearby store to get a packet of Bru instant coffee powder:))Parinita thank you for that sweet comment on the cookies….its so encouraging and you made my daycherie

  5. Parinita says:

    I love you coffee estate people. My cousin Sahanakka's close friend has a huge coffee estate in Coorg. We had a great time when we went there. Nothing like those coffees. Have you been to Kalmane coffee shop at Forum Mall in Bangalore? They have local estate roasts. Amazing kaapis there!

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