Very Merry Christmas

Wish you all a merry Christmas. I hope Santa delivered your gifts safely 🙂
Today’s post is about the Christmas cookies I baked a a week and a half ago!

My first attempt in baking these cookies was not very satisfactory. The icing was a bit runny to make good looking cookies. To make these cookies, you need a really good recipe for sugar cookies. I referred to to this one.



For the icing, I mixed powdered confectioners sugar and milk and dropped colors where required. Get good quality food colors for the icing. Gel based ones are better. I got red, yellow, purple and green.

The first cookie for my friend Karin who give me loads of tips on  baking cookies. 

Mixed colors to get the dark brown of the eyes and orange for the nose. It was really fun icing these cookies. But I didn’t manage to ice all of them on time. Just around twenty. Will blog a more detailed post on icing next time (when I get it  right that is).

Fast-forwarding to today, Santa did come to our home virtually in the form of  my nephew Daivik. Jij’s family is visting them so they all celebrated his first Christmas in style. Lots of gifts for him under the tree. Loved checking my sisters Facebook album. Christmas is such a lovely time. So much cheer. Collecting memories one by one. Here is the pic of the mommy and son. Thinking of you all on this special day…

Merry Christmas from my nephew 🙂

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