A Pomegranate Affair

There is something really sexy about fruits with the color red. Strawberries, pomegranates, watermelons …all red-fleshed and delicious. Pomegranates with their lush juicy gems are one of the most versatile fruits. The ruby colored bits can be tricky to take out without painting your kitchen red, but a few tricks can make it easier. Remember, the heavier the fruit, the more seeds you will have.

Slice the crown off. Make six equal slits and then run a sharp knife through them. Each wedge can then be turned inside out and voila. Beautiful bits with the least juice wasted.

Although not a typical winter meal, I wanted something light for my dinner. So I used the seeds in a Pomegranate and Orange Chicken salad. It is pretty simple to dish up. I usually pan-sear lightly seasoned chicken breasts. But we had some leftover chicken from the previous night so I reheated it in the oven before adding the fruits and dressing. For the dressing, mix a little honey, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Whisk in olive oil till the dressing gets emulsified. Mix the fruits, sliced onions and mint into the dressing and then arrange it over the chicken pieces.

I didn’t use an entire pomegranate for our dinner so I packed in some for snacking later. Also, got a bit naughty and made us a cocktail.


For the cocktail, salt the edge of your glass. Get you hands dirty and squeeze the juice out of a handful of the pomegranate seeds. Be careful while doing so as the stains of juice splattered around don’t go easily. But I still love the whole process. Add in vodka and a squeeze in some lemon juice. I diluted it with a bit of club soda for some fizz, but you could leave it out for a stronger drink.

So yeah. One fruit, three ways to enjoy!

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