Calicut Wedding of Fatema & Nawaz

A quaint little town of Vatakara in Calicut hosted the wedding of a very young Fathem & Nawaz. Fathema has been raised in a very conservative family, and I had to work around the various restrictions that came along with the nature of the marriage ceremony. Although I was shooting the ‘female section’, a lot of women were not very happy to be photographed. But my bride and her sisters were the contrast. Very happy to pose and made me comfortable. In that wedding, I realized that being comfortable with my bride, groom and their immediate family is by far the most important factor for me to shoot good pictures. A challenging but enjoyable shoot indeed!

PS_Fatima_Nawaz-32 PS_Fatima_Nawaz-30PS_Fatima_Nawaz-7 PS_Fatima_Nawaz-3 PS_Fatima_Nawaz-9PS_Fatima_Nawaz-6PS_Fatima_Nawaz-1PS_Fatima_Nawaz-2PS_Fatima_Nawaz-4

PS_Fatima_Nawaz-10PS_Fatima_Nawaz-15 PS_Fatima_Nawaz-14 PS_Fatima_Nawaz-12


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