Homemade Hummus in my cute mason jar

Very excited to write my first recipe post sitting in my room in Mumbai. This is one of my favourite dips. It also doubles up as a healthy spread on whole wheat toast with some sliced cucumbers. I generally prefer more garlic and red chilli in mine.

To start preparing it, either take one can of chickpeas or if you are in India like myself and cannot find them easily soak and pressure cook the regular chickpeas with a little salt.

Hummus-1One of the main ingredients in making Hummus is the Tahini which can be easily made at home. Tahini is nothing but a ground paste of sesame seeds and olive oil.


Toast around a tablespoon of sesame seeds on a wide pan till it leaves a nutty aroma. Put it in a coffee grinder.


To this drizzle some good quality olive oil. The can pictured above is by far the best olive oil have tasted ever. It was a gift from my dearest Rishita & Kintan. I’ve snacked on it (yes the oil) mixed with a dash of balsamic vinegar with fresh baguette from Theobroma on lazy Sundays.


Once the Tahini paste is ready, add it to the 1 cup of boiled chickpeas. Pop in 3 cloves of garlic for a strong garlicky flavour or just one clove for a milder version. Now add 2 tsps of red chilli powder and juice of half a lime.


Blend it all with a little water and 2 tablespoons of olive oil till it is nice and smooth. Serve fresh. Add a dash of olive oil and sprinkle some more chilli powder while serving.


I love making extra to store in my mason jars shipped all the way from Seattle. They are precious precious little jars and when stored in the refrigerator, it lasts easily for a week.

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