A pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

My first trip to the UAE was great fun. Reminded me of The Strip at Las Vegas with all the interesting architecture. Everything was super fancy. Stayed with my sister at her service apartment in Al Murooj Rotana. The hotel’s Double Decker pub was a family favorite reminding me of our life in London. The trip also included a pre-wedding shoot for a very special couple who are getting married in Goa in December. Shruti lives in Dubai and Veo works in Abu Dhabi. We shot at the beautiful Jumeriah beach and at a stable. Here are some moments


20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_70 20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_37 20140322_Shruti_Veo_CS_27 20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_40 20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_84 20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_92 20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_81 20140322_Shruti_Veo_CS_24 20140322_Shruti_Veo_CS_29 20140323_Shruti_Veo_CS_60

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  1. Barry Paffey says:

    Very beautifully captured!!

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