A pre-wedding shoot in Dubai

My first trip to the UAE was great fun. Reminded me of The Strip at Las Vegas with all the interesting architecture. Everything was super fancy. Stayed with my sister at her service apartment in Al Murooj Rotana. The hotel’s Double Decker pub was a family favorite reminding me of our life in London. The trip also included a pre-wedding shoot for a very special couple who are getting married in Goa in December. Shruti lives in Dubai and Veo works in Abu Dhabi. We shot at the beautiful Jumeriah beach and at a stable. Here are some moments


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Maharani and Maharaja for a day at Samode Palace, Jaipur

This shoot was a time traveling experience of sorts. A real palace converted into a boutique hotel and known for its elaborate weddings. The Samode Palace’s haveli is like walking into a museum where everything from that era comes alive. Reema and Rahul’s wedding was everything a big fat Indian wedding comprises of in a real palace. I got some time to sneak around the palace and admire the artwork of this sixteenth century masterpiece too. More pics coming soon 🙂


The first wedding assignment

I recently shot a wedding for a friend as a gift. A white wedding. I never thought that the first time I shoot a wedding it would be for a french friend in her little town at Tours, France. The beautiful countryside wedding was a dream to capture. Audrey was the most beautiful bride I had seen. After spending all my life in India with weddings that have a minimum of 500 guests, this simple wedding was a refreshing. Being her photographer was not a pleasure but a bag of mixed emotions.

Techinically I struggled a bit, but at the end I got some fantastic images which both she and Ranjit truly loved. Thanks guys for bringing the wedding photographer out me.

Audrey & Ranjit



Audrey & Ranjit

Chetsna’s Godh Bharai

Chetsna was 8 months pregnant when she asked me to shoot pictures of her Godh Bharai ceremony. Her function was a mix of both hindu traditions and western baby shower fun with games and cake! What I remember most was the pretty little cupcakes as return favours, beautifully wrapped.


More photos coming soon 🙂

Molly the Golden Retriever

Pets are like family to pet owners. As a dog lover I am more partial to dog parents. Molly was my favorite amongst them all and that’s why she features in my first pet photography post. A natural poser, she was a delight to work with. Here are some of the pictures from the shoot.



20130531-IMG_0221  20130531-IMG_0208