Destination wedding at The Leela Palace, Udaipur

Gauri & Nitin’s wedding at the Leela Palace at Udaipur was a mix of work and pleasure. Udaipur is one of my favourite cities in India. From the very low priced hotels to the grandest of the lot there is always a gorgeous view of the Lake Pichola. The colorful narrow lanes to the grand entrance of the City Palace is all a perfect balance to keep going back. The wedding ceremony was all super grand with Blue Labels flowing by the dozen.PS_Gauri_Nitin-12 PS_Gauri_Nitin-9


PS_Gauri_Nitin-17 PS_Gauri_Nitin-15PS_Gauri_Nitin-22 PS_Gauri_Nitin-21 PS_Gauri_Nitin-23 PS_Gauri_Nitin-24PS_Gauri_Nitin-16

PS_Gauri_Nitin-7 PS_Gauri_Nitin-5 PS_Gauri_Nitin-19

A Muslim wedding in London

While a wedding in London sounds all glitzy and glamorous this wasn’t a typical London wedding we are talking about. A small quiet Muslim family wedding in the suburbs of London. Farah’s requirements were very specific and the end results of her wedding were gorgeous pictures of her and Rizwan at the City Hall. Loved shooting her getting ready pictures but i only wish she had smiled more. Maybe I should have directed more?


Farah-Rizwan Farah-Rizwan



Maharani and Maharaja for a day at Samode Palace, Jaipur

This shoot was a time traveling experience of sorts. A real palace converted into a boutique hotel and known for its elaborate weddings. The Samode Palace’s haveli is like walking into a museum where everything from that era comes alive. Reema and Rahul’s wedding was everything a big fat Indian wedding comprises of in a real palace. I got some time to sneak around the palace and admire the artwork of this sixteenth century masterpiece too. More pics coming soon 🙂


The first wedding assignment

I recently shot a wedding for a friend as a gift. A white wedding. I never thought that the first time I shoot a wedding it would be for a french friend in her little town at Tours, France. The beautiful countryside wedding was a dream to capture. Audrey was the most beautiful bride I had seen. After spending all my life in India with weddings that have a minimum of 500 guests, this simple wedding was a refreshing. Being her photographer was not a pleasure but a bag of mixed emotions.

Techinically I struggled a bit, but at the end I got some fantastic images which both she and Ranjit truly loved. Thanks guys for bringing the wedding photographer out me.

Audrey & Ranjit



Audrey & Ranjit