Mochi and Joy

It was love at first sight for Joy when she saw Mochi at the shelter. Today they are inseparable. I loved the black and white effect on the kiss shot as it was geometric circle of love    

Lolly and Molly

Love the names Lolly and Molly for both of them were super jolly

Rudy and Grace

Just another morning with a beautiful pet family. Something about pets and what they bring out in humans. These two puppies fill Jessica and Rob’s life with love, laughter and never ending madness.

Molly the Golden Retriever

Pets are like family to pet owners. As a dog lover I am more partial to dog parents. Molly was my favorite amongst them all and that’s why she features in my first pet photography post. A natural poser, she was a delight to work with. Here are some of the pictures from the shoot….