Allison & Gilson’s backyard wedding in Seattle

A backyard wedding with no frills and thrills. Simple ceremony and fun people all the way. This one was a special wedding as they wanted me to be part of the ceremonies as well. The family treated me and videographer like their own guests which makes the work seem more enjoyable and personal. 

Kyla and Travis

The gorgeous Kyla and shy Travis got married in Seattle in a quaint family church. The location was beautiful.    

A Muslim wedding in London

While a wedding in London sounds all glitzy and glamorous this wasn’t a typical London wedding we are talking about. A small quiet Muslim family wedding in the suburbs of London. Farah’s requirements were very specific and the end results of her wedding were gorgeous pictures of her and Rizwan at the City Hall. Loved…

The first wedding assignment

I recently shot a wedding for a friend as a gift. A white wedding. I never thought that the first time I shoot a wedding it would be for a french friend in her little town at Tours, France. The beautiful countryside wedding was a dream to capture. Audrey was the most beautiful bride I…